How to scan and edit

Showing online

     So, you just finished your drawing and it looks pretty good, but after scanning or photographing and importing into your computer looks pale and graphite is shining. So, looks absolutely different than in alive. Then you have to edit it in your image editor. Vainly you've drawn one beautiful drawing if it shows pale and blurry, even badly cropped online, people just wouldn't like it as well as if you have shown it right way. Particularly important if you are going to sell your drawing online, you have to show your drawing the way it really looks.
     I use simple Windows Photo Gallery, nothing else, you can see bellow ( I've shown 3 examples). In Windows Photo Gallery I edit my scan or photo of my drawing. You can use any other program that has an image adjusting possibilities: PaintNET, Photoshop, Picasa... Also you can do it online with Photobucket,
     I want to show you the way I do.

Before and after - black and white


Straighten, crop, sharpen and edit contrast

     I caught this drawing with some bad camera, ( it's not scan ) I straightened, cropped and sharpened photo as a first. After I increased contrast.

Edit brightness and saturation

     Because the photo of my drawing had some blue ( or brown ) layer over it ( scanning usually leaves some white layer ) I had to reduce saturation to the zero to get rid of any color because my drawing is naturally black and white. Finally I increased the darkness ( as You can see above ) and because all the photo became darker I increased highlights as well. Just do the same as You can see on this example , but don't exaggerate. The goal is to show your drawing like it really looks.

Before and after - color

Mouse over:
Scanned drawing before editing Scanned drawing after editing


     Although I was scanning this drawing in professional scanning service, some white layer remained over my drawing. So, I couldn't show it like that because it didn't look like my drawing.

Edit contrast

     Only two things I've done. Increased the contrast with 20-25% and made it little bit darker. I could even reduced the saturation, maybe the colors are really strong, but it looks like this and I didn't want to change it.

Edit brightness

     That's all!!!
Now it looks like my drawing.
     I didn't touch saturation, this drawing has a strong colors (maybe you think the same), but I was drawing this way, I wanted to make it colorful using strong colors and pressing my pencils so much.

Before and after - black and white (one more)


Edit contrast and saturation

     In this case with drawing above ( I caught with camera, not scan ) I had to straighten and crop photo as a first. So you have to edit contrast and - as you can notice - this photo was very blue, so I reduced saturation to the zero, I don't need blue color on my black and white drawing. Also I sharpened little bit, it was really blurry. But after scan usually you don't need to sharpen.
     If you catch your drawing with camera take care of angle where You photographing from, to avoid shining of graphite. Sometimes I shot 20 times till I get the perfect one. You can see on this shot: graphite just isn't shining.

Edit brightness

     That's all. If you still have troubles, send me your scan in e-mail and I will edit it and immediately send you back, of course for free. Also You can watch the moves and steps of editing in this video below.

If you have a custom question, don't hesitate, send me an e-mail (even with your drawing attached) here:  Send an e-mail →Jasmina Susak

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